Machine Tools

  • Reconditioning of conventional machine by dismantling of machine, axis bed scrapping , spindle gear box over hauling, lubrication / hydraulic line checking , lead screw & nut over hauling , replacement of bearing, rewiring / new panel for machine electrical operation etc.
  • Retro fitment of conventional machine like dismantling of machine, axis bed scrapping, turcite quoting, scrapping & blue matching, design of guide ways / ball screws/ housing nut for ball screws / carriage / turret, automatic lubricant & coolant system etc. Complete cnc system along with survo motor – drive, operator pendent with scada, telescopic guard etc.
  • Supply, installation & commissioning of dro system with linear metalic scale.
  • Supply of mechanical / electrical spares like encoders, ball screw, timing pully, timming belt, coupling, three / two plunger limit switch, manual pulse generator ( mpg ), electro magnetic clutch & clutch plate of reputed make as per exixting specification.
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